INVENTIONS – Steady Enrichment to Product Range
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Since inception, Viraj has made constant improvements in its product range. Wide variety of Moulds, Tiles, Pavers, Chemicals and Auto Accessories keep adding to the bunch of quality products:

Curing Plate: 600 x 600 mm curing plates have been the latest introduction. This has also replaced wooden pallets that were critical in the production process. Curing plate is comparatively tough, durable, economical, weather proof and easier for maintenance.

Engineering Marvel: Next generation guaranteed product starting with Rs.138, sized 60mm paver mould and 80mm mould Rs.165 and above.

Stealth Series:
This is a weather proof product suitable for all weather types. Remains standard in all seasons and can be remoulded / demoulded as required.

Concrete Bricks Mould: Apt for Construction and Building Purposes.

     Research & Development – A Step Ahead
Professionals possessing vast experience and knowledge of bricks, pavers, plates and tiles supervise the refined and contemporary R & D unit. In accordance with the latest product news in the market, hardcore research and development is conducted. They also keep a check on the obsolete products and popular products, so that Viraj stays upgraded with the latest launches. The research unit is also technically advanced with regards to storage and security of researched data. Areas of research are inclusive of:
  • New Product Development
  • Raw materials
  • Manufacturing process
  • Technology
  • Design